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Earth Day  —  April 22

Verse & Image will publish several posts for Earth Day featuring poems submitted by our readers and touching the theme Wild & Rewild.

Rewilding is a conservation effort aimed at restoring habitat, revitalizing ecosystems, and reintroducing animals and plants that historically occupied these wild spaces. It may be as small as converting cow pasture to a bit of riparian Piedmont Prairie along the Mitchell River in Surry County, NC. It may be as large as creating wildlife corridors down the chain of the Rockies for migrating pronghorns. As simple as replacing introduced invasives in your yard with native species; as complex as legislation to set aside vast tracts as wilderness.

How does the poet encounter and respond to wildness? A native wildflower struggling in an urban park? A remote mountaintop far from human presence? A wild voice speaking to the heart, or wild urges propelling into the unknown? A wild call from the past, the present, into the future?

For Earth Day 2023 we seek poems that touch the wild.

If you wish to participate, please submit ONE poem following these GUIDELINES:

1 +Select a favorite poem on the theme of Wild & Rewild by any author,
+++ ++any era, any nationality.

2 +Include one sentence about the author; include where the poem
+++ ++has been published.

3 +Include one or two sentences about how the poem effects you or why
 +++ ++you feel it addresses the theme of Wild & Rewild. Include your name
 +++ ++and hometown.

4 +Attach all of the above in a single document: .DOC / .DOCX / .RTF

5 +Email to ecopoetry@griffinpoetry.com with WILD & REWILD
+++ ++ in the subject line.

6 +If you wish to submit a poem you have written, it must be
+++ ++previously published
.  Follow the other instructions above.


Thanks! See you on the wild side.

Bill Griffin


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